Aquanova has been creative, inspiring and surprising for over 60 years. This family business has been passionate about what it does since 1948. What began with a large selection of household goods and practical accessories has developed into Aquanova, a company which designs products for the home, bathroom and kitchen under the same brand name. Thanks to our creative team, Aquanova has recently been developing a dependable yet innovative collection of products for each season which can be matched perfectly.

Passion for our products
We love to create the look you love! Aquanova develops and sells bathroom products which will transform your home into a spa retreat. From bathroom textiles, including bathmats and hand towels, to accessories such as soap dispensers, stylish laundry baskets and practical storage boxes, every season Aquanova creates an eclectic collection with much love and enthusiasm. Be inspired, not only by trends and innovations in your surroundings, but above all by your own personal style. Whether it’s straight-lined or romantic, simple or colourful. Our timeless, original and affordable products may be combined whichever way you choose throughout the year to create your own unique atmosphere within your home.